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Nantong Yinwode Textile Technology Co., Ltd. has over 30 years of experience in customizing felt hats, straw hats, cowboy hats,berets, sports caps, pets' hats and all kinds of hats.

The factory covers an area of over 50000 square meters. There are currently over 300 employees.  >2800 molds; 8 hat designers.

Our company provides OEM ODM and professional ONE-STOP customization services.

Sample time:1-2 days.


Customized Styles


We can customize hats with different shapes: cowboy felt hats, floppy felt hats, bucket felt hats, flat boater felt hats, pork pie felt hats, round felt hats, trilby felt hats, panama felt hats, fedora felt hats and so on.

Because our company has >2000 different felt hat molds, customers basically don't have to pay for the mold fee.


cowboy felt hatqj6
Cowboy felt hatContact us
flat top felt hat 2mrt
Flat top felt hatContact us
flat top felt hatkt4
Flat top felt hatContact us
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Panama felt hatContact us
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Felt bucket hatContact us
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Trilby felt hatContact us
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Custom Logos


Most of our overseas clients will require logo customization.

You can send us your logo first, and we have professional designers to create a rendering for you.

The rendering can be produced in 3 minutes.

The straw hat logos we often customize include embroidered logos, metal logos, woven logos, towel embroidered logos, bead embroidered logos, etc.微信图片_20240221105216e35

We have dozens of professional sampling personnel to produce samples within 2-3 days.

Material Customization

100 WOOLyt3
100 wool
Imitation woolryp
Imitated wool

Most felt hat materials on the market can be divided into two categories: pure wool felt hats and imitation wool felt hats.f1857b1d715143ebcb5fd24786892ecars

Pure wool felt hats are made of 100% pure wool through special techniques, while imitation wool felt hats are usually made of synthetic fibers or other synthetic materials. The pure wool felt hat has a finer texture and a softer touch. Due to differences in material and manufacturing techniques, the price of pure wool felt hats is usually higher than that of imitation wool felt hats.微信图片_20240123160222pp20b0c3cae93c3f0ca0394f51f8fc9c22a3y

Overall, both pure wool felt hats and imitation wool felt hats have their own advantages and disadvantages. The choice of one mainly depends on your needs and budget.

We can customize any hat shape into either pure wool or faux felt hats at the same time.

Customized Colors

Our felt hats, whether real wool felt hats or fake wool felt hats, our felt hats have hundreds of colors. Below is a color chart for pure wool.



Contact us quickly to get more color card and choose the color you like.

Choose Size

We not only make adult felt hats, but also children's and pet felt hats.

The circumference of adult hats is generally between 56-60

The circumference of kids’ hats is generally between 48-56

If you need customized sizes, contact us immediately.

Custom Felt Hats2kir

Labels & Packages

Package (1)lwm
Package (2)6a5
Package (3)ehf

Custom appropriate packaging can keep your hats in shape during transportation. Each box is tailored according to the size and shape of the straw hat. The plastic holder at the bottom can effectively protect the hat and will not be deformed due to pressure. Each hat is placed in plastic bags to avoid dust.微信图片_20240221102713mg0

Choose Bands

Custom Felt Hats3dsq

According to your needs and the style of the hat, choose the appropriate materials, such as ribbons, leather, or fabric. Of course, you can design or choose existing patterns yourself, and then decide whether printing, embroidery, or other decorative techniques are needed.

Contact us for more styles of decorative tape references.


Welcome to contact us to get free samples.