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Foldable Woman Wide Brim Paper Braid Fisherman Bucket Straw Hat


Foldable Woman Wide Brim Paper Braid Fisherman Bucket Straw Hat

As a practical and fashionable hat, the fisherman's straw hat is highly favored in the market due to its material, foldability, color selection, and customizable logo. Whether for daily wear or special occasions, the fisherman's straw hat can provide users with a comfortable and convenient experience.






    1. Material

    The fisherman's straw hat is usually made of high-quality natural grass or paper grass, ensuring that the hat is both lightweight and durable. This material makes the hat highly breathable in sunlight, making it comfortable and cool to wear. At the same time, the choice of material also determines the texture and durability of the hat, ensuring that users can have a good experience during use.

    2. Foldable

    The design of fisherman's straw hats usually has foldability, making them more convenient to carry and store. Users can easily fold their hats into smaller volumes and put them in backpacks or handbags, making them perfect for travel or outdoor activities. In addition, the foldable design also allows the hat to save space when not in use, making it convenient for users to use in their daily lives.


    Another characteristic of the fisherman's straw hat is its rich color selection. Brands or manufacturers typically offer hundreds of different colors for users to choose from to meet the personalized needs of different groups of people. From classic black and white to bright red, blue, etc., users can choose the appropriate color according to their preferences and occasions. This diverse color selection makes the fisherman's straw hat more fashionable and personalized.

    3. Customizable Logo

    Many fisherman straw hat brands or manufacturers also offer customizable logo services. Users can print their personal or corporate logo on their hats according to their needs to showcase their personality or brand image. This customized service makes the fisherman's straw hat more personalized and unique, suitable for promotion, promotion, or gift giving occasions.

    Product name

    Foldable Woman Wide Brim Paper Braid Fisherman Bucket Straw Hat manufacturer supplier vendor company


    Custom(Raffia grass hat, paper straw hat, sisal grass hat, hollow grass hat, salty grass hat, mat grass hat, cattail grass hat, etc.)


    57cm-62cm ( for adult ) 44cm-54cm (for children )


    like pic or customized


    Customize your LOGO(The hats logos we often customize include embroidered logos, metal logos, woven logos, towel embroidered logos, bead embroidered logos, etc.)


    Heat transfer screen printing ,embroidery, Sublimation Printing,Plain Dye Printing

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    Refund for custom

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    3-7 days

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    20-30days after receive the payment


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