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How To Produce A Qualified Felt Hat

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How To Produce A Qualified Felt Hat


1 Preparation of raw materials

A: Choose high-quality wool as the raw material and clean the wool.

B: Dye wool according to product requirements.

2 Hot water roughening

A: Place the dyed wool into a specially designed machine for hot water scouring to make its fibers more durable and softer.

B: According to product requirements, wool can be processed into different silk thicknesses.

3 Blanket making

A: Press the wool into felt pieces using a machine, then add water and soap during the pressing process to make it more compact and compressible.

B: Roll the felt multiple times to make it thicker.

C: Shape the felt sheets into the basic shapes of the felt hats.

The production process of hat shaping:

Hat shaping refers to the process of transforming a hat into the desired shape and size through specific processes and equipment .

The hat shaping process includes the following steps:

Hat cutting: First, according to the design requirements, we use a cutting machine to cut the fabric, which can reduce waste of fabric and improve cutting accuracy and efficiency.

Networking: Organize the cut fabric into a network of suitable shapes and lengths according to different process requirements, and provide sewing.

Manual edge pressing: Organize the edges of the hat made by hand, trim the raw edges flush, and facilitate the next step of bonding.

Adhesive hat buckle: According to the design requirements, attach the matching hat buckle to the top or side of the hat.

Hot forming: Place the hat in an oven or specific cold and hot forming equipment to make it more flexible and easy to shape in high temperature environments.

Machine forming: according to different process requirements, molding is carried out through the required environment and equipment.

4 Cutting and sewing

A Cut large felt pieces into small base pieces required for making felt hats: 2 Sew and trim the base pieces.

5 Finished product processing

A: Stamping, welding, labeling, and other processing of finished products.

B: After packaging, the felt hat can be sold at the factory.

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